May 06, 2020

View on fundraising and legal in a COVID-19 economy

CHAPTER 5 – May 3 / 12 pm

The COVID era has thrown businesses off in various ways. In such times, it is imperative to evaluate the fundraising and legal ramifications that lie ahead of founders.


Chirag Mehta

Rahul Dhawan

In this webinar, we get conversing with 2 individuals, whose years of experience help us throw light on both these aspects. We have Chirag Mehta, Partner – Clip Financial and Rahul Dhawan, Managing Partner – Lex Chambers. While Chirag enlightens us on the fundraising aspect, Rahul apprises us on the legal facet.

“In these times, honest and fluent communication with each and every party is the key to the lock and will help in cutting through chaos” – Rahul Dhawan


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