June 18, 2020

Redesigning Supply Chain for a Post COVID-19 World

CHAPTER 6 – June 12

The COVID era has thrown businesses off in various ways. In such times, it is imperative to evaluate the fundraising and legal ramifications that lie ahead of founders.

The post-Covid19 world will see a significant realignment of business dynamics. One of the most important decisions for most companies will be to secure their supply chains and make them effective and reliable. In the era of lockdowns and significantly reduced global and local movement of goods and services, there are now different factors in consideration than those in normal times.

Panelists will share perspectives and insights on global trends impacting supply chains, and how companies are adjusting their supply chain strategies and plans.

The session will be relevant for anyone who is either planning, approving or influencing their company’s revised supply chain strategy for the post-Covid19 world; or for those interested in new opportunities emerging in this sector.

Moderated by Nitin Bajaj – Founder, The INDUStry Show


Rohit Bhayana – Managing Partner Lumis Partners
Charles Owen – Managing Partner, EV2 Ventures
Arvind Vasu – Head, ABB Ventures India
Oliver Lemansky – CEO, OnProcess Technology
Vikas Gupta – VC, SHELL Ventures
Ashutosh Mayank – Partner, Supply Chain Labs
Prajakt Raut – Founder, Applyifi See Less



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