Just Deliveries

Just Deliveries

Intracity logistics for perishables helping brands/sellers of perishable goods put fresher stock on store shelves by doing more frequent delivery runs.

Just Deliveries provides last-mile inter-city logistics for perishables. By providing more efficient and more frequent milk-runs, it allows brands of preishable product to service retail outlets more frequently thus helping keep fresher stock on shelves.


Modern WMS software providing end to end automation of warehouse processes. Uses AI and ML to drive efficiency in fulfillment times and cost.

Hopstack is a full stack warehouse software to automate warehouse management and execution. Its platform eliminates data silos: by being the operation tower and the control tower of the warehouse.

Stylumia Background


An AI-driven demand-prediction engine that helps fashion & lifestyle brands forecast what to produce, how much to produce and where to sell.

Stylumia customers from fashion, lifestyle, home & sports industries range from the Fortune 100 list to small and medium brands and retailers. Stylumia serves through their suite of proprietary solutions powered by ML-based prediction algorithms, computer vision and award-winning proprietary Demand Science™.

Freshokartz Background


A full stack solution for farmers that addresses all their pain points, from sourcing of inputs, to crop advisory, to market linkage.

Freshokartz is a full stack solution for farmers that targets all their pain points, from sourcing of inputs, to crop advisory, to market linkage. It provides soil data based crops and fertilisers to farmers.

Spareshub Background


Spareshub sources automobile parts from OEMs and OES (Original equipment supplier) and distributes them to spare part stores.

SparesHub is an automobile parts & accessories marketplace. Our vision is to improve the supply chain of automobile parts by solving the problems of unavailability, right prices, and duplicate products by using technology at scale.


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