October 15, 2022

Interesting times for supply chain startups and investors

“Supply chain funding isn’t really slowing. So far this year, investors have put over $7 billion in seed through growth-stage rounds globally for supply chain-focused startups.”

This is an excerpt from an article on Crunchbase News titled “Supply Chain is Eating Venture Capital

It is not surprising that supply chain continues to attract venture capital of nearly the same level as the exceptional 2021. There are strong factors driving these investments.  Changes in the business dynamics requires companies to completely rethink and redesign their supply chain across functions – planning, procurement, production and distribution.

Factors like pandemic-driven increase in e-commerce, need to transition to omni-channel, new models like quick commerce, etc. cannot be serviced by traditional supply chain processes, which were largely automation in silos. The interconnectedness that is required for companies to even survive in today’s market circumstances creates strong tail winds for startups optimising and disrupting supply chain.

Also, building resilience in their supply chain is a boardroom agenda for almost all corporations. (Building resilience essentially means how now to get disrupted when there are disruptions in your supply chain stakeholders and destinations).

Additionally, as more and more manufacturing moves from China to India, there is a clear opportunity today for creating the supply chain of the future.

At Supply Chain Labs, we invest in startups well positioned to capture these massive global opportunities.

Check how you can engage on www.supplychainlabs.in.

Supply Chain Labs is India’s first supply chain focused fund.

We have opened applications for cohort 4. Every year, SCL runs an incredibly rigorous selection process to identify best-in-class start-ups in the supply chain segment.

We collaborate with and invest in tech startups that are solving supply chain problems of global relevance across industries. Our model of capital+expertise+market access accelerates the pace of growth of startups.

The rigour of the model is proven with >6x valuation expansion in the companies that we have engaged with, and ~80% of the cohort companies have drawn follow-on capital from marquee institutional investors.

To apply, visit www.supplychainlabs.in

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Rohit Bhayana, Ashish Taneja, Vineet Agarwal, Neelam Dhawan, Puneet Pushkarna, Ankur Bansal


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