HSBC India in association with Supply Chain Labs, India’s first and largest early-stage fund and fellowship program for startups in the supply chain domain, to launch a Corporate Innovation Showcase.

HSBC India and Supply Chain Labs are proud to present our Supply Chain Innovation Showcase. We would love to have your presence for the session to showcase the latest innovations in the supply chain through a curated list of startups, whose solutions may be useful for your business or your customers.

APR 27


4-5 PM




Our first session will be on Fuelling the D2C Growth Engine.
The session will feature two startups.

Eunimart is an end to end omnichannel commerce platform for brands to list on 25+ marketplaces across the global while managing all their backend operations on a single platform.

Eunimart helps brands increase channels of sales and revenue, provides AI-based cataloguing, pricing and sales prediction, and provides access to 10+ shipping partners globally at the best prices.


Frontier Markets is a rural e-commerce platform that allows brands to access customers in rural households across India. Frontier Markets’ network of women entrepreneurs (Sahelis) solicit demand for products in categories like FMCG, electronics, energy etc from their personal network. This is then fulfilled by Frontier Markets’ last-mile distribution network.

The company works with 10,000 Sahelis across 2,000 rural villages and has served over 400,000 households till date.




The session will progress as follows:

  • A 5-10 minutes introduction by Supply Chain Labs.
  • Solution presentation (along with case studies) by startups. Each startup will have 15 minutes to present and answer questions.
  • 5 minutes wrap up by HSBC.
Each session will last for 1 hour and be held virtually.

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