Selection Process

Dear Supply chain startups,

Thanks for applying to the program. We are happy to announce that we received 600+ applications. We have now transitioned into the selection phase of Supply Chain Labs.

Here is an update to transparently share with you how the next few stages of getting down to the final cohort of 8-10 startups will be managed.

Out of the 600+ applications that we received, we first shortlisted it down to ~110 on the basis of the information provided by the startups in the application form, business model and commercial traction.

From the top 110 applications we have further narrowed the group down to 54 on the basis of qualitative assessment done by the SCL team. Our team reached out to inform this group of 54 so as to start interactions in order to get a better insight into their on-ground business traction, revenue model, business model, and last but not the least the founder’s vision & passion.

The selected 54 startups were asked to fill a one pager form consisting of questions like need gap identified in the market, is your model easily scalable etc. The top 25 startups will be shortlisted on the basis of the interaction and the answers in the one-pager form.

The top 25 starups will be evaluated by the Ecosystem Jury comprising corporate and investor partners of SCL. The starups will be assessed through a discussion driven by their respective decks and one-pagers and from therein 15 startups will be shortlisted for the final run.

The 15 shortlisted startups participated in our Grand-Jury session hosted by the SCL-Lumis Team wvhere they pitched their product/solution to an esteemed jury comprising of industry leaders.

The top 9 startups who were selected in our Jury round commenced the Supply Chain Labs Program based on founders’ pitch, zest, the business model of the startup, viability, and scalability of the model and the judgment of the jury.

So thanks very much for being part of this journey with us, and bearing through the rigorous process. Looking forward to the interactions with the group of 54, and all the very best to you all!

Team SCL, Lumis


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