SCL is a supply-chain focused, stage-agnostic fellowship program & fund that invests up to US $ 3.5MN (Rs 25 cr) in the journey with the start-ups. Each year SCL selects an extremely distinguished group of startups disrupting supply-chain, warehousing, and logistics.

We typically take companies that have a proven product-market fit, though they could be in early-growth or growth stage


SCL Fellowship

SCL Fellowship

Supply Chain Labs Fellowship is a 6-month structured program designed with MIT to make startups build a strong foundation for scale, and make them ready for growth capital.

The program is customized for each startup depending on their stage, current scale & competencies, and specific requirements.

SCL Fund

SCL Fund

Supply Chain Labs fund is a multi-stage investment vehicle that invests up to Rs.25 crores in 3 stages:

  • Upon initiation into the program, a fellowship investment of Rs.35 lacs (USD 50,000)
  • A Followed by up to Rs.5 crores in 3-6 months from the 1st round
  • Followed by up to Rs.20 crores as follow on capital

Program Structure

The SCL fellowship program helps startups get exceptionally experienced perspectives from domain experts and subject matter experts.

Whether it is strategy, GTM, operations planning, technology & product roadmap, brand & marketing, etc., SCL Fellowship Program helps startups strengthen their game for scale and growth-capital

The engagement with SCL begins with a deep-dive review using our proprietary framework that assesses your business on key fundamentals. This helps align objectives and the expected outcomes from the 6-month journey together.

The program is structured for a clear path towards our agreed outcomes

Month 1 and 2

Preparing the roadmap for foundation building followed by accelerated growth (thorough mentoring sessions with experts and experienced folks)

  • Recalibrating the long-term potential
  • Refining the business strategy
  • Finalizing the business plan
  • Brand and collaterals review
  • Two-week program by MIT on fundamentals of supply chain
Month 3

Sharpening the tools (Via inputs by marketing and sales experts)

  • Refining collaterals
  • Finalizing GTM Plan, including database, tools, outreach plan and measurement
  • Testing and adopting an appropriate CRM tool
Month 4

Customer Connects

  • Implementing the GTM plan – testing, refining and finalizing with the objective of getting metrics right for investor pitch.
  • Customer showcase events
  • One-on-one customer connects
Month 5 and 6

Fund raising (Assisted by SCL Team)

  • Customer connects continue
  • Refining pitch deck and practicing pitch
  • Investor showcase at our annual Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Apart from the above, there is a fortnightly series of knowledge sessions wherein experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors share insights on relevant topics.

Model of engagement

Startups give Supply Chain Labs 1% advisory equity for the fellowship program, which is over and above the equity against the capital invested by Supply Chain Labs.

Indicative knowledge workshops

  1. 1. Getting your venture ready for follow on investors
  2. 2. Practical use of a lean canvas for fundraising
  3. 3. Strategy: Why articulating your mission, vision and strategy is not an academic exercise
  4. 4. Building a culture of pilots and POCs for all aspects of the business – testing every aspect of the business
  5. 5. Fundamentals of marketing – positioning, brand equity, communication, media, etc.
  6. 6. PR as a marketing tool
  7. 7. Insights on B2B sales
    • a. Selling to large customers
    • b. Selling to SMEs
  8. 8. Getting your MIS and metrics right – monitoring and measuring allow for in-time course correction
  9. 9. Depth of adoption is more important than absolute revenue and growth numbers – strategies for land and expand
  10. 10. Boards and advisory boards as a way for building credibility and organizational maturity
  11. 11. Culture and Human Resources Management
  12. 12. Building a robust tech product – best practices

In addition, there will be periodic experience sharing and AMA sessions with

  1. 13. Investors
  2. 14. Marquee entrepreneurs
  3. 15. Large enterprise customers

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