FAQs for Fellowship

The company should be post MVP and have a recurring revenue base. More details can be seen here

Application phase for this year’s program begins on the 1st of August, and lasts for a month. The final cohort will be announced on the 15th of September. This marks the beginning of the program, which will last for 6 months till the late feb/ early march.

Given the uncertainty around the Covid – 19 pandemic, this will be a fully online program. We will keep you posted if the conditions change towards the later half of the program.

The program components include funding, mentorship, investor and corporate connections, and academic learnings through MIT. Check out some of our partners here . Additionally, we would be providing funding of Rs 25L to each of the startup.

We require (and accept) only 1 application per company/team. If your company is selected, we will encourage all co-founders to attend the program.

Each selected startup will get investment of Rs 25L during the course of the program, subject to due diligence. This investment would be on the usual terms and conditions of a VC Fund.

There is no cash component/fees to this program. We would be entering into the following structure when you are selected and accept to become part of the Fellowship:

1. Each selected startup will get investment of Rs 25L during the course of the program. This investment would be on the usual terms and conditions (T&C) of a VC Fund.

2. Additionally, SCL would take 1% equity on same T&C as the 25L investment done above.

3. SCL would also take a “right to invest” upto Rs 3.5cr at mutually agreed valuation or 20% annualized discount to next round, based on performance of the company.

For our Areas of interest and Areas of Technologies of interest: Click here.

This year the 2 week program with MIT Zaragoza will contain 1 week of pre-work, and one week of online courses. It will be fully digital – just as the rest of the program.

Yes, we have dedicated partnerships with AWS, Freshworks and Razorpay through which we offer free credits to our cohort companies. More details can be found here .

Mentorship will be done in teams. A set of 4 mentors will mentor a set of 3 companies. Group learning sessions will be conducted between industry experts and the entire cohort in an online format.

The following components will enable you to accelerate your company:

Lumis Community: Lumis Partners’ community of experts, investors and corporates will add value to your experience by enabling you to hack your growth.

Expert Sessions: Various sessions conducted by experts will enable you to get an insight on how a startup functions. Sessions will range from legal, company setup, fundraising, technology architecture, personality coaching etc.

Mentors: Our mentor panel of industry leaders will assist you throughout the program, be it in ideating growth strategies or getting down into the weeds with you when required.

Academia: The 2 week executive management course by MIT Zaragoza will give you exposure to international best practices in the field of logistics and supply chain, which you can incorporate in your startup.

Corporates: Access to curated corporates through our network, for various opportunities.

Investors: Access to interested investors through our network for potential funding opportunities.

We have a strong base of corporate partners who associate with us to find innovative solutions in the supply chain domain. A few of the named ones can be found here . We will act as the bridge that could lead to various opportunities.

Yes. We strongly encourage participation from other VC funds and sources of capital to engage with the cohort for potential funding.

There are a number of differences. The major difference is the added focus this year on our corporate partners – who have become more conscious on optimising supply chain processes and costs in a Covid world. Our cohort companies will get exposure to a variety of problem statements shared with us by our corporate partners’ sample problem statements can be found here .

We do our own marketing of the program as well as the selected cohort companies. Additionally, we are closely associated with industry bodies like Invest India, TiE, and even media companies like Mint – which lend us and our cohort companies added visibility.

The program culminates with a Supply Chain Innovation Summit in February ‘21. Post which you become a part of the SCL Alumni network. We are still in touch with members of our first cohort – and share valuable resources with them.


Be a part of Cohort 2020

A 6-month structured program for early and growth-stage startups in the supply chain domain that is designed to give startups a competitive advantage and enable them to accelerate their growth.


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