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Please note - all participants will have an exclusive access to the curated detailed report post compilation

During the COVID period we collected data from the Webinar Participants to gauge what the Supply Chain startup ecosystem is going through. With over 350 supply chain startups participating in the Cutting through Chaos program, we came across really interesting insights.

Few of the highlights are :

  • Emergence of New Market Leaders: World is consuming the stored inventory, bigger impact yet to be seen when demand starts to increase and stored inventory runs low
  • Corporate Innovation: Companies are channelling all their energies towards innovation to revolutionize their offerings.
  • Supply Chain Redesign: Crippling of the supply chains has right now destroyed businesses, but simultaneously opened up the way for businesses to redefine their supply chains and increase capabilities.

While these insights were very crucial, these are initial trends which give us broad areas of movement. We would like to expand on these early trends with YOUR help, YOUR insights and YOUR point of views, which when looked at collectively, would be a good SPECIFIC pointer towards the trends and changes that the Supply Chain ecosystem is gearing up for.

Founders seek answers on how to navigate the chaos.

Here’s where you get the answers.

Whether the current circumstances challenge the survival of your venture, or creates new opportunities, we understand that as a founder you are struggling to get answers to specific things that you need to do.

That’s why we put together this forum to help you take better-informed decisions. To help you get perspectives from people who have seen a few business cycles. People who have led their companies through these types of situations.

Here’s what you get in the forum –

  • The ‘How to’ webinar series: Answering questions that are pertinent to founders. No Gyan. Just practical, actionable insights. Click here to check the curriculum
  • WhatsApp support group for peer-learnings and peer support (in the works..)
  • Listing of alternate capital sources: Listing of platforms offering working capital loans and funding
  • Resource centre: Curated set of service providers and other benefits from the startup ecosystem partners (in the works..)


  • Alok Mittal

    Co-founder and CEO, Indifi
  • Arjun Malhotra

    Ex Co-founder HCL, Ex- CEO Headstrong
  • Ashutosh Garg

    Co-founder, The Brand Called You
  • Mukesh Malik

    CEO, ProjectGK
  • Rahul Dhawan

    Managing Partner, Lex Chambers
  • Saurabh Srivastava

    Co-founder, Nasscom
  • Thomas Abraham

    Founder, T-Ventures


These interactive sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs are built to help startups tackle practical problems that they may be facing in these unprecedented times.

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