Smartshiphub provides digital solutions for controlling and monitoring of the maritime industry. It provides a cloud-based platform for remote vessel condition monitoring, vessel inspection, crew management, predictive budget diagnostics, and operational MIS analytics.

Solution and Product Overview

Smart Ship is an integrated digital platform or Global Maritime Logistics. Aimed at Remote Vessel Management, the platform enables Ship Owners, Operators, Charterers, Insurers, Ship Supplies company save substantial costs & enhance efficiencies with Predictive Diagnostics, Remote Video based Maintenance, Survey, Procurement, etc.


Remote Vessel Management, Predictive Diagnosis


Joy Basu

BS, MBA, Singapore,
Director – Smart Ship Hub Pte. Ltd.

Geoff Battersby

MBA, M Sc, UK, Singapore
Ex-DC:- Garrets


AI-ML Specialist,
BE, Computer Science

Prashant Hinduja

Deep Tech Leader,
B.E., Ex-Program Head- Amplify Mindware

Vivek K

Vessel Performance Specialist,
Marine Engineer


Currently funded with own capital: INR 44 Million + seed capital raised from institutional investors


Orion Marine, X-Press, AHB, OMCS

Market Overview

The total addressable market is $ 100 B. SAM is $ 70 B & obtainable market is $3.5 B
This includes Remote vessel management, Safety & Security, Navigation & Weather routing, Insurance tracking & risk exposure, Knowledge process centres ( Data centres ), Marine Emission, Spares & Parts procurement


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