Koinearth has built MarketsN, a platform for multi-party B2B collaboration between companies and their suppliers by using blockchain to create smart contracts with an auditable trail. It enables organizations to reduce inventory levels, automate payables reconciliation and make faster payments to their suppliers.

Solution and Product Overview

MarketsN provides a digitally signed, timestamped audit trail of end-to-end workflow that is updated in real-time. The platform is cloud-hosted and offered on a SaaS model, with seamless integration with current ERPs and CRMs. It uses a permissioned blockchain to create secure, trusted groups for B2B transactions.


Transparency, Automated Contract enforcement


Dr Praphul Chandra

Founder PhD (IISc), MS (Columbia Univ), B. Tech (IIT BHU),
Ex Principal Data Scientist- Hewlett Packard,
Senior Software Design Engineer- Texas Instruments


Institutional Investor:

Inventus Capital
Termsheet from a Blue Chip investor leading a INR 100M round


Aditya Birla, Rakuten

Market Overview

Addressable Market Size: $50 Bn Globally
The above consists of latest solution sets in ERP / EDI / API based technology approaches, to solve supply chain inefficiencies like delayed payments, delayed shipments, inventory mismatches, huge auditing efforts etc


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