Invento is the maker of the Mitra robot and has over 25 customers in a range of domains. They are moving to mobility as a service in an indoor environment with warehouse robot, Spody, an Autonomous Mobile Robot armed with fleet management service to enable high productivity in warehouses and factories.

Solution and Product Overview

Spody is a special robot developed on the lines of an auto guided vehicle for warehouse applications. It performs tasks in the warehouse thereby reducing dependability on human labour.


Warehouse focus, Human Collaboration


Balaji V

Founder- Be Limitless Inc

Bharat Kumar

CTO, M Tech,
Ex-Designer- Nissan R&D

Mahalakshmi R

COO, B. Tech,
Co- Founder- Be Limitless Inc

Sumit Roy

CRO, MBA, B. Tech,
Ex-BFSI Head- Wipro


Institutional Investor:

Windrose Capital, ITI Growth Opportunities


Waycool, ITC Hotels

Market Overview

Autonomous Mobile robots (AMR) form an $8.47b market globally and is expected to go to $25b in the next few years.


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