Just Deliveries

Just Deliveries

Intracity logistics for perishables helping brands/sellers of perishable goods put fresher stock on store shelves by doing more frequent delivery runs.

Just Deliveries provides last-mile inter-city logistics for perishables. By providing more efficient and more frequent milk-runs, it allows brands of preishable product to service retail outlets more frequently thus helping keep fresher stock on shelves.


Modern WMS software providing end to end automation of warehouse processes. Uses AI and ML to drive efficiency in fulfillment times and cost.

Hopstack is a full stack warehouse software to automate warehouse management and execution. Its platform eliminates data silos: by being the operation tower and the control tower of the warehouse.

Stylumia Background


An AI-driven demand-prediction engine that helps fashion & lifestyle brands forecast what to produce, how much to produce and where to sell.

Stylumia customers from fashion, lifestyle, home & sports industries range from the Fortune 100 list to small and medium brands and retailers. Stylumia serves through their suite of proprietary solutions powered by ML-based prediction algorithms, computer vision and award-winning proprietary Demand Science™.

Freshokartz Background


A full stack solution for farmers that addresses all their pain points, from sourcing of inputs, to crop advisory, to market linkage.

Freshokartz is a full stack solution for farmers that targets all their pain points, from sourcing of inputs, to crop advisory, to market linkage. It provides soil data based crops and fertilisers to farmers.

Spareshub Background


Spareshub sources automobile parts from OEMs and OES (Original equipment supplier) and distributes them to spare part stores.

SparesHub is an automobile parts & accessories marketplace. Our vision is to improve the supply chain of automobile parts by solving the problems of unavailability, right prices, and duplicate products by using technology at scale.


Transforming India’s cold supply chain

Celcius is an online platform that interconnects all stakeholders in the cold supply chain - refer vehicles, cold storages, and shippers - helping bring significant operational efficiencies in the currently fragmented and inadequate cold infrastructure.


Container logistics made easy

Conmove is an online platform interconnecting Port, Consignee, Shipper, Freight Forwarder, Customs Brokers, Fleet Operator to simplify & optimize container movement and management.

Frontier Markets

Helping brands reach rural markets that are currently unviable for them to service

Frontier Markets helps brands reach and service consumers in very small villages in rural India via a network of local women, who they enable via a mobile app. These women are supported by an efficient supply chain fulfillment network that is designed to optimize the costs of servicing really small markets.

Koinearth / Marketsn

Helping enterprises capture trapped value in supply chains by creating Cross-Enterprise Digital Ecosystems.

MarketsN allows organizations to create an ecosystem with its channel partners and make the supply chains completely transparent and resilient. This helps to maintain a single source of truth and thus establish trust throughout the chain. In addition to delivering operational efficiency, marketsN also allows organizations to provide access to capital to their downstream channel partners by making a Financial Institution, part of the ecosystem.


Warehousing & Fulfillment Network, helping D2C brands ensure Amazon & Flipkart like next day delivery

Edgistify has digitized and brought online over 50,000 warehouses, thus enabling companies to discover, select and book warehouses on-demand. Additionally, with their network of service providers, they make it super easy for D2C brands to optimize their deliveries.


Eliminating inefficiencies in the fresh produce supply chain.

Crofarm connects farmers to consumers and businesses that buy fresh produce. Crofarm leverages technology to make the supply chain super efficient.


Real Time Freight Sourcing And Collaboration Platform

Superprocure is An enterprise software to simplify vehicle procurement and trip management.


Helping companies optimize their procurement

Elevating Supply Chain
Aerchain helps companies reduce costs by making their procurement process transparent and automated. Not only does this result in direct cost savings, but also significant savings due to operational efficiencies.


Enabling suppliers to get supply chain finance from their own enterprise customers or banks & NBFCs

Xpedize provides a proprietary platform that brings buyer, its respective suppliers and financiers on a common platform to discover a cash discounting rate either through supplier initiated requests, or the unique Algo based Auction, which is either fulfilled by the buyer using his own funds or can be financed through Banks or TReDs via Xpedize platform.

Elixia Tech

The best-in-class vehicle telematics solution

Elixia tech provides a comprehensive Logistics ERP solution and control tower to automate supply chains end to end.


Making freight logistics more efficient

Freightify is a SAAS-enabled global network for freight forwarders and shippers to manage, share and transact sea freight rates instantly. Freightify is integrated with major shipping lines, and thus is a single source of freight rates from multiple shipping lines.


Making it super easy for businesses to discover and book warehouses.

An online platform that offers curated storage spaces to MSME customers for “on-demand and pay-per-use” model.

SmartShip Hub

Bringing unparalleled asset visibility and operational efficiencies for shipping companies

SmartShip Hub is a tech platform creating a digital twin experience of a ship’s dashboard & control systems for on-shore monitoring, tracking, and management.


Leveraging technology to reduce India’s food wastage.

Qzense has invented a technology to assess the quality of perishable commodities using the sense of smell. They inject the sense of smell in an IoT Device – which sits on a quality control conveyor belt – monitoring foods and vegetables and meats. They also have a handheld scanner – using NIR spectroscopy to analyze the product on a molecular level.


Enabling trace & track of products and authenticating chain of custody of goods in transit through blockchain technology.

Statwig is a blockchain-powered supply chain management platform that can track products at the unit level in a multi-stakeholder environment.


AI-powered tools for businesses to automate their e-commerce processes.

Eunimart provides business support for their online operations - with tools and services in areas like logistics, pricing, order tracking, inventory, and payment reconciliation, Eunimart helps companies in automating their e-commerce related processes and achieve cost efficiencies.


India’s first Digital Platform for Silk Supply chain.

Reshamandi helps connect the demand and supply-side stakeholders in the silk supply chain.


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