July 04, 2019

5 Signs Your Startup Is Perfect for Our SCL Programme

Lumis Partners , a global leader in the logistics and supply chain investment domain, recently launched India’s first supply chain acceleration programme called Supply Chain Labs. The vision of Supply Chain Labs is to empower and accelerate India’s cutting-edge and high-potential early-stage supply chain startups and thereby, develop a strong and resilient supply chain ecosystem in the country and revolutionise the industry and drive it towards unparalleled efficiency and growth.

About the Supply Chain Labs (SCL) Programme

Supply Chain Labs is a unique and cohesive programme that has partnered with MIT as the academic partner, YES SCALE, Yes Bank’s corporate innovation program as the corporate innovation partner and AWS as the technology partner. The supply chains startups that are selected for the programme gain access to:

  • The best-in-class resources – industry leaders, domain experts, mentors, angels and investors

  • A 2-week knowledge and capacity building opportunity at MIT’s Zaragoza Logistics Centre (ZLC), Spain

  • A series of incisive business, domain and commercial workshops led by mentors, investors, and corporates

  • Tailored mentoring

  • Access to Lumis Partners’ global partner networks

  • Dedicated bandwidth of Lumis Partners’ senior leadership team guidance after graduating from the programme for guidance and support.

By providing tailored support and access to such resources, Supply Chain Labs aims to support early-stage startups and their visionary founders to further hone their solutions, develop a competitive edge in the market, create extraordinary impact at scale and add tremendous value to all the stakeholders.

5 signs your startup is perfect for the SCL programme

The SCL programme is looking to partner with those startups that have the potential to create tremendous value for all stakeholders, including investors and enable them to refine their solutions and harness its full growth potential, creating a competitive and strategic edge in the market. To apply for the programme, you must be an early-stage startup with an MVP that you have already integrated inside the clients’ business either as a POC or at full scale, have at least 2 paying clients or ecosystem partners in place and have direct revenue models in the supply chain domain.

Additionally, if you fulfil any of the following criteria you should be encouraged to apply for the program (Important: Not fulfilling them is by no means an indication that you should not apply)

#1 You solve a problem in the supply chain sector

This is an obvious one. Your startup’s solution/ product should be rooted in the supply chain sector.

SCL programme not only supports the sub-sectors such as logistics, 3PL, e-commerce, trucking, etc. that have traditionally received a major chunk of the investments and attention. From our extensive research, we gauge that there exist huge gaps in investments in several other sub-sectors despite the numerous grassroots innovations happening across the length and breadth of the country.

If your solution/ product belongs to any of the following sub-segments, you are perfect for the SCL programme.

  • Supply chain finance

  • Next-gen supply chain technology and software solutions for improved cost-effectiveness, efficiency and end-to-end visibility

  • B2B procurement and distribution

  • Warehousing solutions

  • 3PL, 4PL, Maritime logistics

  • Trucking

  • Cutting-edge e-commerce supply chain solutions

  • Electric Mobility

#2 You are an early-stage startup with a cutting-edge solution, vision and passion

We are not looking for startups with traditional and linear models. Our vision is to collaborate with and accelerate those startups who have cutting-edge, highly innovative and next-gen solutions and models to offer, enable them to harness their full growth potential and attract the attention of financial and strategic investors.

We are looking to work with visionary startup founders and passionate teams who have the drive to solve complex and large-scale problems of global relevance and create extraordinary impact at scale.

#3 You are a startup digitising the value chain

Digitising the value chain creates end-to-end visibility, improves transparency by breaking silos and prepares businesses for industry 4.0. It has a great impact on the efficiency, costs and overall profitability of the business and the industry. So, if you are a startup that is digitising the value chains, especially those supply chains that are still operating in a very archaic manner, then you are perfect for the SCL programme.

#4 Your target clients are not just large corporates but SMEs too

Addressing global markets and leveraging global opportunities makes the startup exciting. However, it is not a necessary criterion for applying to the programme as India represents a large market opportunity in itself across all segments – large corporates and SMEs. If SMEs too figure in your target client list, then you are solving a problem that most other startups have hitherto overlooked. Our vision is to revolutionise the supply chain space in India and that will happen only if the large numbers of SMEs are also catered to.

#5 Your startup’s work is generating social impact

Are you fixing the challenges in the Agri supply chain? Are you looking to increase fleet utilisation of trucks, thus improving monthly incomes of truck drivers? Are you creating packaging solutions that are sustainable? Are you contributing to the well-being of the community in any other shape or form? For Lumis Partners, generating social impact has always been core to our philosophy. If you believe that your startup is aligned to this vision, you should be encouraged to apply.


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