We are a domain-focused but a stage-agnostic fund. I.e. we typically take companies that have a proven product-market fit, though they could be in early-growth or growth stage.

We collaborate with and Invest in some of the most innovative supply chain startups.

Eliminating inefficiencies in the fresh produce supply chain

Container logistics made easy

Real Time Freight Sourcing And Collaboration Platform

Enabling trace & track of products and authenticating chain of custody of goods in transit through blockchain technology.

India’s first Digital Platform for Silk Supply chain.

Transforming India’s cold supply chain

Our unique model of Capital + Fellowship accelerates the pace of growth of startups.


Number of startups in 2 cohorts of the fellowship program


Number of startups which have raised follow on capital


Amount of external capital raised by our portfolio startups


Valuation expansion for the Startups after the 6-month program

The applications are now open for our Supply Chain Labs Fellowship Fund Cohort 2021 and the last date to apply is Dec 31, 2021



Celcius is an online platform that interconnects all stakeholders in the cold supply chain - refer vehicles, cold storages, and shippers.


Conmove is an online platform interconnecting Port, Consignee, Shipper, Freight Forwarder, Customs Brokers, Fleet Operator to simplify & optimize container movement and management.

Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets helps brands reach and service consumers in very small villages in rural India via a network of local women, who they enable via a mobile app.


MarketsN allows organizations to create an ecosystem with its channel partners and make the supply chains completely transparent and resilient.


Edgistify has digitized and brought online over 50,000 warehouses, thus enabling companies to discover, select and book warehouses on-demand.


Eliminating inefficiencies in the fresh produce supply chain.


Superprocure is An enterprise software to simplify vehicle procurement and trip management.


Aerchain helps companies reduce costs by making their procurement process transparent and automated.


Enabling suppliers to get supply chain finance from their own enterprise customers or banks & NBFCs

Elixia Tech

Elixia tech provides a comprehensive Logistics ERP solution and control tower to automate supply chains end to end.


Freightify is a SAAS-enabled global network for freight forwarders and shippers to manage, share and transact sea freight rates instantly.

Odwen Smart Storage

An online platform that offers curated storage spaces to MSME customers for “on-demand and pay-per-use” model.

Smart ship

SmartShip Hub is a tech platform creating a digital twin experience of a ship’s dashboard & control systems for on-shore monitoring, tracking, and management.

Qzense Labs

Qzense has invented a technology to assess the quality of perishable commodities using the sense of smell.


Statwig is a blockchain-powered supply chain management platform that can track products at the unit level in a multi-stakeholder environment.


Eunimart provides business support for their online operations - with tools and services in areas like logistics, pricing, order tracking, inventory, and payment reconciliation


Reshamandi helps connect the demand and supply-side stakeholders in the silk supply chain.


Five Reasons

why we are excited about supply chain


1% GDP normalisation with supply chain creates a $20BN opportunity in India.


Digital Supply chain has potential to accelerate entire economy including vital ecosystem of 10MM SMEs


Supply-chain will create $100B value over the next 10 years – largest leverage of AI/ML, Blockchain, & AR/VR.


Policy & regulatory framework over the last 5 years has been a huge tailwind for innovation & acceleration.


Companies across the world – large or small – recognize that to thrive and even survive in the post-pandemic world, they need a resilient and dynamic supply chain. And technology innovations is what they seek. The market for supply chain startups could not have been any better than it is today.


Know us

Supply Chain Labs fund is anchored by Lumis Partners - an operating investment firm with over a decade of deep experience in supply chain.
  • Akhil Vohra

    Senior Analyst
  • Lalit Aggarwal

    Managing Partner
  • Movil Gupta

    Program Manager
  • Prajakt Raut

    Managing Partner
  • Rohit Bhayana

    Program Sponsor
  • Ankur Bansal

    Co-Founder, BlackSoil Capital
  • Rohit Bhayana

    Managing Partner, Lumis Partners
  • Vineet Agarwal

    Managing Director at Transport Corporation of India Limited

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